PURE | Java
Harnessing the power of infrared wellness from the inside out, producing a truely lower-acidic coffee that is both bold and smooth.
The IR Difference
Less than 2% of all the worlds’ coffee roasters use infrared roasting which is a proprietary patented and scientific technology that produces a true lower-acidic coffee.

To create the perfect cup, we bring a whole new category of coffee that brings you the healthiest coffee you can drink made from the finest 100% Organic AA Arabica Single Origin Coffee from private estate farms from around the world.
Artisan Process
We choose to roast our coffee using infrared roasters because they
not only allow us to maintain the quality, integrity and consistency of
flavor throughout each batch we roast, but also allows us to
closely monitor and actively interact with
the process and embed our artisan sensibilities.
Patented Science
Infrared roasting proprietary patented and scientific
heat exchanger technology that produces a true lower-acidic coffee
that is both delicious and smooth, preserving the natural antioxidant
value that is beneficial to our body’s immune system.
Fair Trade Certified
Fair trade certified coffee directly supports a better
life for farming families in the developing world
through fair prices, and community development.
Built on the foundation of our EXCLUSIVE infrared roasting technology PURE | JAVA will elevate your coffee from something you consume, to becoming a love of flavor & science you won't want to live without.

Looking to lose a few pounds? Put our Skinny Genes Java to the test. Are you ready to raise the bar and give yourself “The Perfect Cup” that your body deserves? Then it's time for you to try our Hemp Infused Coffee experience.

Unlike conventional roasting, we air-vey each batch of coffee beans, release them into a roasting drum where they are heated with IR (infrared) heat that gently and evenly raises the temperature of each bean to perfection.

We then drop the coffee into a cooler, exposing it to ambient air and quench water to instantly stop the cooking process without raising the moisture thus achieving the desired caramelization (color specification) and roasting consistency.

It takes decades of experience as a specialty coffee roaster to achieve what we believe to be one of the best tasting cups of coffee in the world. Freshly roasted with our proprietary infrared process brings out the fullest flavor potential of each bean in our small batch methods delivered to your doorstep transporting your taste buds from the lush and exotic landscapes to the convenience of your coffee maker.

Track Record DOES Matter!

Over three decades of experience in the coffee industry and 20 years of experience as a specialty coffee roaster, has helped us achieve what we believe to be one of the best tasting cups of coffee in the world.