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60 Packets Skinney Genes

2 30ct Ignite Tropical Fusion

1 Jar Tri-Matrix MD





Pure Natures Design

Fat Burning Fitness Pack

Want to Get in Shape and have More Energy?

Kick all excuses to the curb and take back your body for good! By selecting The Pure Natures Fat Burning Fitness Pack to launch your 6 week Fit for Life Transformation you are ready to be a force to be reckoned with. This pack is designed to give you the complete line of Pure natures Design™ Fat Burning Products to put the power of a healthy lifestyle back in your hands.

The Fat Burning Fitness Pack™ includes Plenty of our deep flavor, rich tasting, delicious Skinny Genes Java™ Fat burning Coffee, that is Infrared roasted with the finest 100% AA Arabica Organic Coffee Beans Available. Once you have tasted our Skinny Genes Java Coffee, you will never want to drink any other coffee again.

To Further Super Charge your day, this pack includes Ignite Tropical Infusion that is formulated to naturally activate your metabolism and help maintain energy throughout the day. Finally, a Smart Drink That Tells Your Body to Burn Fat & Energize at The Same Time!

Completing this Fat Burning Fitness Pack are two jars of our Tri Matrix MD Raspberry Fusion beverage. Turn up the intensity and performance with this Patented Formula that has 3-Levels of Efficacy. Age Management, Sports Performance and helps your Body Battle Obesity and Weight Gain. This amazing product can be taken twice a day and will help Support your Body’s Natural Fat Burning Processes to Battle Obesity and Weight Gain. Tri-Matrix MD is Certified Sports Approved for Clean Sports and meets all World Anti-Doping Agency Guidelines, all United States and International Olympic Committee Guidelines, and is produced in a strict NSF facility.

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