Formulated with our award winning pure crystalline hemp isolate. We have the most potent and powerful ZERO THC Free (0.0%) hemp infused formulations in the world.


Hemp infused Gum Drops

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These Gum Drops are hemp Infused with 10MG of ZERO-THC (0.0%) Hemp Extract per drop. Our Gum drops are infused, Not Dipped or Coated.

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  • CATEGORY :gummies™
  • mg : 10mg Infused

PURE Gummies™ are infused and NOT dipped or coated and provide a full Broad-Spectrum profile of all cannabinoids and terpenes naturally found within the highest grade, naturally high Hemp and medicinal cannabis strains.

Our Gummies provides you with a delicious and substantial daily dose, our sweet treats are perfect for those on-the-go individuals, a 10MG of our ZERO THC FREE dose per natural Gum Drop. Each bottle features an appealing label that provides all necessary information and contains approximately 60-10MG Gum Drops, totaling 600mg.

The Scoop

Our Gummies are simply put....AMAZING!

Yummy Gummies

Infused, not dipped or coated, with 10MG of Zero THC free hemp extract per drop.

Pharmaceutical Grade

Our goal is to consistently deliver the absolute highest quality certified hemp

3rd Party Tested

Tested independently multiple times in an NSF certified facility for purity and potency

Broad Spectrum

Formulated with our 100% Zero THC free powerful and potent pure hemp extract

Organically Grown

All of our hemp is organically grown here in the USA and is certified organic

Zero THC-Free

All of our hemp products are certified 100% Zero THC-Free & water-soluble

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It’s not a stretch to say that Hemp (cannabidiol) is one of the most exciting and promising compounds currently undergoing rigorous medical and scientific research. Hemp has made headlines in recent years with some pretty stunning results.

Formulated with our award-winning pure Hemp Extract.We have the most potent and powerful 100% Zero THC free hemp Infused formulations in the world.

Organically grown, manufactured in Colorado at a ISO, GMP, or NSF certified facility that have been tested independently multiple times.

We have the most potent and powerful ZERO THC Free (0.0%) Broad-Spectrum Hemp Oil formulations and our ZERO THC Free Broad-Spectrum oils provide the largest amount of naturally present cannabinoids and diverse terpenoids in the world. We 3rd party test so you can be sure you are receiving the highest quality hemp products.

All of our hemp products here at Pure Nature's Design use the purest Zero THC-Free water-soluble cannabinoids.

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